Saturday, May 15, 2010

I ain't going to blog no more

In reply to Julia's question about whether I'll blog again, I'm here to say no. Well, except for this blog, or if something really horrible happens. But for the most part: No. I will not be blogging anymore.

And here is why.

My life is an emotional roller coaster that would be hard to reconstruct daily into an amusing observation. For instance, my day might start off fine, followed by something emotionally horrible, followed by a really amazing experience. I do not have the stamina to record these near-daily ups and downs. I'd really like to record all my self-perceived incompetence, which proved to be pretty funny in the parenting department, but back when I was merely parenting I had time to dwell on and reconstruct those awful moments of self-doubt. Today, I can barely remember the reason for the breakdown that sent me into a downward spiral on Wednesday. (That's totally true, and not stated for effect).

So let's just say that I'm 85 percent sure I'll pass this session (even though my grades have been slipping as the session wears on) and I'm having some great experiences. For instance, I'm working at a hospital and at a state mental institution which houses a guy being investigated by the CIA. For real... But that's all I know for now.

Sorry Julia. You'll just have to rely on my comments on your blog for information. BTW... Julia's blog is awesome. Anybody reading this blog should definitely start reading hers.