Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My reputation precedes me

Yesterday, Steve gave the girls a bath. I told him not to wash Carolyn's hair, as she had a shower earlier in the day.

When I came downstairs to bring them pajamas, I went in to see how things were going.

"Daddy got my hair wet," Carolyn said.
He did?
"He wasn't supposed to do that," she said.
No, I said. I guess not.

"Are you going to yell at him?"

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sick and two

My little Penny woke up this morning in quite a state. I got back from running to find her sitting on the couch, acting very morose. I thought she was just worried about not being able to find me, but then she threw up all over the couch, checking my ego and starting a vomiting trend that was not soon to end.

Fun stuff. Carolyn is unaffected and seems to be enjoying a morning of Sesame Street and Popsicles.

On a possibly unrelated note, Penny really showcased her desire to disagree with anything I say yesterday. Penny, I say. You can't stand in the doorway without pants.

"But I don't like pants," she screamed.

"Then get out of the door," I say.

"But I like the door."

Here's Penelope a few days ago, feeling just fine.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Who is Michael Phelps?

Well, obviously he's a gold-medal swimmer, and perhaps one of the best Olympians of all times, but he's definitely not as cute as my little swimmer.

She's holding up her gold medal for you.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sweet Devil Child of Mine

I've been known to complain once or twice about the terrible twos. But this is who Penny really is:

Today, we split up the girls like we do when it's pretty obvious they are not going to have a great day. There's nobody on the planet who spends more time together than two siblings who aren't yet in school, and sometimes they need a break too.

I took Carolyn to the zoo and a new playground. Lots of fun. Penny went to the grocery store, dollar store and playground with Steve.

At the dollar store, Steve promised Penny a new puzzle, her recently favorite obsession, which of course she mastered in about a day. He also got her a coloring book.

I guess Penny insisted Steve also buy a coloring book and puzzle for Carolyn. And she wanted to get the activity book featuring Ariel, because "Sister likes the Little Mermaid."

How freakin' sweet is that! So here's to Penny — the sweetest 2-year-old on the planet. At least today.

Friday, August 08, 2008

The sounds of silence

I just have to say, if you're ever in need of a gift for the girls and decide a coloring book is the perfect choice, you won't get any argument from anybody in this house.

We (I!!!) love blissfully quiet coloring time.

Friday, August 01, 2008

School days

After all my fretting about preschool (rather my fretting about Carolyn not going to preschool because I waited too long to get her in the school I could A) afford and B) walk to), I simply called the director today and asked if Carolyn could be put in the 5-year-old program.

Sure, the director said. No problem!

I'm so pleased. Carolyn just finished her summer program yesterday, and I have to say, she's really turned a corner in the last few months. The teachers gushed about how social and happy she is. During the class performance (they sang a few songs) Carolyn was right out in front. Her teachers said she loves to sing and is destined for Broadway.

I just think Carolyn will love preschool. And bonus, the class is four days a week right during Penny's nap. No excuse for not being published in the New York Times now...