Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And the leave en mass

For two weeks, my little family has hosted either house guests, dogs or some combination of both. And now, they are gone.

I'm feeling a slight load lifted, but also a little sad. Also a little hung over.

First, my mom was here for a little trip before she moves to Minnesota for the summer. My aunt and grandfather, who were in Vegas for the winter, were driving home and needed mom's help because my grandfather is 92, and while in very good shape, still 92.

So my mom left her little, blind terrier, Princess, and her super awesome hound mix, Buster (strangely, both from me and Battle Creek), while she went to Vegas. Buster was able to get me out of bed nearly every morning pre-dawn to go running. Yes, running!

So last night, we had everybody, plus my aunt's giant German shepherd, at the house for dinner. And this morning we bid them all a safe trip home.

And this afternoon? Nap. Playground. Leisurely bike ride.

Wow. After reading that, I don't even feel hung over anymore. I love guests.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Toy story

The girls and I hopped on the bike yesterday and hit some garage sales.

Penelope immediately found a Little People house that she knelt beside and refused to abandon. For $5, it was the perfect second-hand find.

But it brings me to my dilemma. Toys. We have too, too, too many toys. Perhaps it's because I, the only child of a shopaholic, gave birth to two beautiful girls providing fodder to the desire to spoil little girls. Or maybe, the toys get busy when we're not looking and multiply at a frenzied rate. Or many, I'm a lousy housewife and just don't clean out the toy chests often enough.

But it does not explain the clusters of stuff. There are a few (many, many) categories of toys taking over the girls' rooms, the basement, the living room and one of the bathrooms.

They include:

Horses. I believe Carolyn might have fancied horses for about a week sometime in early 2007.

Bunnies. This might be Easter related. Also, I have no idea why this is underlined.

Ducks. Also, perhaps, Easter related. Also part of our Barnyard overload.

Little People. I think I mentioned this.

The list also includes kitty cats, wild cats (leopards, cheetahs, tigers), dogs, teddy bears and dollys. I'm thinking a garage sale is our best option at this point.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The mother of all haircuts

I took the girls in for haircuts today. Carolyn's is a cute little bob (nothing too drastic). But Penny? Penelope, queen of the super long hair.

Gone. I figured, much like Carolyn's first major cut, if it's long enough to give to Locks of Love (an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients) than I can't go in and just get a few inches lobbed off. It's really a change, and she had such lovely hair, but it's done and it'll grow.

So here's the photo show.

Note the first picture is the girls this morning, in all their crazy hair glory.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Growing girls

Both girls spent today, the most beautiful of spring days, being super awesome. They were great at the grocery store. They were great at the playground. They are just great.

Here's my favorite today moments.

Penelope, without prompting and just because I think she thought it, told me she really liked my haircut when I returned from my hair appointment today. She said, "Your haircut is really pretty."

Steve, who I thought had set her up, seemed equally surprised. He said it was really nice of her to notice...

Then Carolyn finally got up the courage, with Steve's help, to ask the neighbor kids if she could come over and play on their jungle gym. She went over by herself and was the best guest ever. "I love your slide. I really like this over here," she'd tell the older Jordan. Carolyn was just a little sweetheart.

Just feeling really hopeful. That's what a little sun, and red wine, will do to ya.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oh Penny

I was just checking my e-mail when I turned around and saw this:

Penny stealing coins out of my wallet. Now, while you might think stealing is a rather strong term in regard to a 2-year-old, I tell you my little Penny is crafty enough that it nearly applies.

Oh my Penny. She's about the sweetest little thing ever, aside from the stealing and the total disregard for my potty training efforts. Around strangers, she's even a little shy.

And here's my absolute favorite thing. She's totally content to be alone. Steve said she drew in her coloring books for about an hour by herself yesterday. And today, with Carolyn in school and my recovering from the novacaine used to install my brand new gold tooth, Penny being able to entertain herself is about the best gift any mother could have.

As a special thanks, I just gave her purse with her very own plastic cards (not credit, not yet), an empty compact and an old cell phone. That's Penelope's idea of the perfect gift.