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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bad Jake

Friday, January 11, 2013


Random pictures because my children are charming

So I took them downtown and bought them some cake.


And here's a few pictures. Jake laying on Penny when she's sick. Carol finishing up her pioneer unit at school. Penny's birthday party at an ISU basketball game. Carol's new doll. Sledding with pal Hailey. That should keep you happy for a minute.

Happy January 11!!!

It's the New Year. Hooray! I mean, I realize this Happy New Year message is 11 days late. I realize I haven't blogged in several, several weeks. (Oh great, you're probably thinking, another why-I-don't-blog-anymore blog. But hold on. There'll be a list here pretty soon). In my heart, I'm blogging all the time and wishing everybody a Happy New Year on Jan. 1 and I'm sharing lots and lots of memories.

I'm just not doing it on the actual blog anymore.

Part of the reason is I no longer have a computer. Sure, the computer is still in my house, but it's not in my room anymore. It's in Carol's room. And it's hard to sit here and blog while I try to ignore the mound of pencils and crayons on her desk, the clothes on the floor and the books spread around the room. I really should make her keep a tidier room. But that's not really the point. The point is, I have very good reasons for not blogging.

Sure, I could blog from my phone. But from anybody who has ever received a text or email from me from my phone, they know that this is not a good solution. People might wonder when I suffered such a severe brain injury that left me unable to construct a readable sentence. I could just post pictures, but I really don't find it necessary to take random pictures of my beautiful children simply for being delightful and charming. Maybe it's because I'm usually yelling at them and they no longer gaze upon my face (poised just behind the iPhone camera) with love and tenderness.

So, here's the list I promised. I have no idea where I left off, so if I'm repeating myself, just deal with it. So, here's the list I promised.

• Carol wants a unicycle for her 9th birthday coming up here in February. That's because she's participating in the Gamma Phi Junior Circus at her school. So if anybody knows a good unicycle dealer, that would be helpful.

• Penny was sick over Christmas. Flu sick. Poor girl has the worst immune system. And that's weird because I let both my daughters get as dirty as they wanted when they were toddlers.

• I'm a day shift nurse in an ICU. Seriously... It was my end goal to get this job. Two years into nursing and here I am. So I have no aspirations at the moment.

• Steve works at an actual, for-real-life newspaper. Still!

• Penny plays basketball. And she's good. Well, she's OK. For a first grader.

• We got a Wii for Christmas. And the girls got American Girls. Guess which one required a second mortgage. We're going to the American Girl store for spring break in March. It's not Spain or Disney World, but it's only two hours from here.

• Jake is the world's best dog, according to a Christmas ornament we got. Except he's become overprotective of his pack and tries to kill any dog that happens to come near us. We're working on that.

I have no funny stories because I've been working the last two days and I'm neck deep in death and flu. Maybe I'll think of some this weekend and post a few from my phone. Maybe some pictures too. Just don't judge me too harshly for the incoherent posts. I have very fat fingers.