Sunday, August 26, 2012

6-8 sentences... easy peasy

Since I've been working 12-13 hours a shift for the last three nights, I have very little to write about that's not protected by HIPPA. I was lucky enough today to sleep during a beautiful rainy day and am happy to report 8 hours of sleep. 8!!!!

The girls and Steve have been doing the town up in my absense. The zoo. Barnes and Noble. The library The Normal corn festival. A rock wall (which Carol climbed all the way to the top. Woot woot!) and a cotton candy booth. I guess, they were mostly home today, which is sort of surprising because I slept through whatever ruckus they were making. I love me some rainy days.

Back to the grind tomorrow. For them. I will be eating breakfast with my co-workers and then coming home to a quiet house for a few hours of sleep before I head back to work for my fourth and final day. Whew...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

School days... With homework

School's back in session. The lovely Gardner girls are adjusting to their new grades.

Penny is in first grade, so she has explained that there is very little free time for playing. Except on Fridays, which are either Free play Fridays or Free fun Fridays. I don't remember. It also means a locker... To decorate. Also, she said her neck hurt from sitting at a desk all day.

For Carol, it means going to classes on a whole different floor. A combination lock for her locker. And sneakers just for gym, which I forgot to buy and then spent WAY too much money on at Von Maur. It also means a morning journal. When I asked Carol what was in it, she said, "It's private." When I asked if her teacher would read it, she said, "Just barely, to make sure we're doing it and the words make sense. But just barely."

I told her about this blog and how it was sort of like my journal. I asked what she wrote about, and she said whatever. "Just whatever I'm thinking about then." I told her I didn't write much on my blog anymore. She said I should. I agreed. So I told her I'd write 5 days a week, just like she does.

Then I asked how much she had to write. She said six to eight sentences. Hmmm. I can do that... I think...

Friday, August 03, 2012

Beach days

As I sit here thinking about my four-day work stretch (woe is me) and listening to the girls moan about having to go to summer camp rather than lie around in their pajamas all day ( Penny just now walked into the living room and threw herself very dramatically on the couch in protest), I like to focus on my still slightly burned skin and remember the extra fun beach trip this week. We were a little too stretched to go for more than a day, but it was, according to Carol, "A-maaazzzz-ing."