Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Last night, when I was in school (which, incidentally, I continue to take even though I didn't get into the nursing school and now I have all this studying to do for tests I don't really care if I pass, sigh), Steve got Carolyn to go to bed by telling her he needed to spread snow all over the world and it was going to take all night.

So when she woke up this morning, and found this...

... she was pretty happy. It's hard to imagine anybody happy about snow, but it's true.

Ah, who am I kidding?

I was pretty happy too.

Thanks snow-delivery Steve.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Here are Carolyn's 4-year-old pictures. For everyone who doesn't know, I take pics of the girls on their birthdays wearing the same grown-up dress. I didn't take Carolyn's "on" her birthday this year because of the stuffiness and the sick. But I did them today and they turned out great. They're probably my favorite pictures so far.

Here are a couple.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's not just me

It seems, there are others ready for spring.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winter stinks...

Actually, winter smells quite nice. People coming inside from frigid temperatures are covered in the most wonderful smell.
But that's not really the point.
The point is, I just can't stand the cold anymore. It's so cold, so often, that I just want to curl into a wine-soaked ball and sleep for the next four to six weeks. I just can't stand to look at the inside of my living room anymore. My kids are sick. I don't have a car. It takes 45 minutes to leave the house. Blah, blah, blah.
But Carolyn, bless her 4-year-old little heart, practically begged to go outside today. And she played for about 10 minutes. I can't even bring myself to get the trash together.
But she's back inside now, insisting that I'm captured. Gotta go...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Fantastic birthday

Carolyn had a lovely birthday, thank goodness. She was feeling much better so we went to the zoo during a break in the rain and when temps were in the upper 40s. We were the first people there, so the sea lions entertained us (presumably for fish we did not have, but we still appreciated their show) and a wallabee jumped right in front of us. It was great. In the afternoon, the weather turned and it was really yucky, so we felt lucky to get out while we did.
I also didn't take Carolyn's annual birthday pics (wearing the same grown up dress so we can compare ages 1 to 16) because I wanted to make sure a snotty picture wasn't part of the posterity. I think I'll do it tomorrow.
But I did take a few pictures. Here they are.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Crappy luck Saturday

Carolyn is in her room napping right now. It's the first nap she's taken in four months.
Why??? Because she's sick. And her fourth birthday is tomorrow and I am so sad.
That's because four is a very, very important birthday. It's the first birthday you really, really look forward to having. It could be the first you remember. Waiting for it definitely felt like a lifetime for Carolyn.
And now she's sick. What a super bummer of a Saturday, especially since it's really (relatively) nice outside today..
Well, I'll get a bunch of videos and books. We'll bake the prettiest cake possible and go get her favorite foods. We'll do the best we can.
And at least she's feeling very snuggly. At least she won't be able to say she didn't get enough hugs on her first most-important birthday.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


So Penelope loves the phone. Tonight while she was brushing her teeth, you was playing with her annoying little play phone.
The "caller" says, "Hi... Are you having fun?... It was great talking to you.... Bye."
So Penelope, who was in a heap of troubles today with the pushing and the toy stealing and the "umph"ing as she screams, "NO," was standing at the sink, nonchalantly brushing her teeth with one hand and holding the phone up to her ear with the other.
"Hi," the phone says.
Hi, Penny grumbles.
"Are you having fun?'
"NO," Penelope answers.

Yeah, Penny. Me either. Who said the terrible twos can't be maddening and hilarious, all at the same time.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I'm two. Do what I say, dammit

Penelope has embraced her two-ness. She can have a tantrum that gets everybody in the house involved. Today, she cried for he last 30 minutes before taking a nap. A woman driving past us as we walked Carolyn home from school took one look at us, felt immense pity and shook her head.
Not enough pity to offer a ride or anything, but enough for judging.
If only there were a term to describe Penelope's terrible two-ness. If only...
Anyhow, it gets easier and easier to ignore these episodes. I can totally tune out her screeches as she heaves blocks against the door of her room during punishment time.
Yesterday, I sent her to her room where she wailed and cried. I sat on the couch and picked up something to read.
About 30 seconds later, Carolyn came over to me.
"I love you mommy," she said kindly. "But could you go get Penny."
Sure honey, I told her, giving her a little hug. I realize not everybody is as callous as me.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Oh Mann....

Apparently, in the last week, we've become a Nick Jr. family. And in the infamous words of Swiper, the foxy nemesis of our beloved heroine Dora, "Oh Mann."

Busy, busy. But I always have time for my favorite Penelope moment. Today after nap, she was pretending to lay back down in her new favorite game, nap time. So I go into her room after a few minutes and here is what I find.

She's holding her blankie in one hand, and my credit card in the other, planning some sort of extravagant shopping trip for designer jeans or something. Seriously.

Carolyn is great. All she really wants is her supply of Nick Jr. magazines (see where we're going with this) and a steady supply of outside. I love that she doesn't care that it's 2 degrees. Girlfriend needs her fresh air.

In fact, I recently came across a Canadian playgroup that only meets outside. It's kind of their point. And their motto? There is no bad weather... Just bad clothing.

I love it. If I was the type of person that started playgroups, I'd totally start that one.