Sunday, July 25, 2010

Whew. Glad that's over.

I just finished up my once-a-session nervous breakdown. It was a particularly bad breakdown that had me sobbing into my keyboard at 10 p.m. Friday night as I finished up an online assignment.

Haha, right! Yeah, I'm totally serious. No exaggerating or anything.

I feel most bad about involving one of my classmates. At the very beginning of my breakdown, I was totally stressed out while doing a group project. Poor guy expected the usual cheery, optimistic Chris and got something that seemed to scare him just a little.

That's the accelerated program. One day, you're taking care of people, feeling super nursey, and the next day you're crying into your keyboard, feeling old and ridiculous. It's the constant demands without any relief. And it's so all-consuming that Steve doesn't even want to hear the word "nurse" anymore. But, as I mentioned in the title, at least the breakdown is over and I can go back to my normal, not crazy self.

At least until the fourth session....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Very busy

I haven't had a lot of time to post. Clinicals started so that means four 10-hour days a week... plus commuting... plus homework... plus time worked in to bitch about the commute and the homework.

Everybody made it back safe and sound from Texas. Well... sound at least. Penny broke her arm and has a big purple cast. She loves to show it off and it doesn't seem to be bothering her at all. It is sort of a bummer she can't finish out her Wee Ball season (and now, she'll probably never go pro... dammit) but mostly it's not a big deal at all.

So here's a few pictures to tide you over until I have more than five minutes.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Back to Normal

I'm back from my fun-filled weekend in the foothills of Texas. From Normal, Ill. to Utopia, Tx. That's how I roll.

The trip was fun, but Steve has the camera so more on that later.

My biggest adventure was actually getting to Texas after that tropical storm hit on Thursday. Our tiny plane from Bloomington (I ♥ you Bloomington airport) was en route to Dallas when the Dallas airport shut down. We circled for a bit, but then gas issues (frankly, I'm surprised that little plane has enough gas to get to Dallas, much less circle) dictated we needed to land in Oklahoma City.

Only, en route to Oklahoma City, that airport closed. So... and if you know me, this is the funny part.... we landed in Tulsa. That's right. Home to the in-laws. Who were in Utopia. Well, they were near Utopia.

And in Tulsa we stayed. Right on the tarmac. For almost two hours!

We finally got back in the air to Dallas, and when we landed my plane to San Antonio was boarding. I don't know if any of you have been to the Dallas airport before, but let's say it's no Bloomington airport. I full on ran and caught my plane, which had about 50 people standing out front, waiting to board standby. About two minutes after I got on, the remaining two seats were given to other people.

Thank you God for making me a runner two years ago, if only because it was the singular reason I made my plane and the day was saved.

And bonus. The restaurant at the hotel was still open when I got there at 11 and I had the most delicious salad I have ever eaten, all while watching Seinfeld.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Queen of Hyperbole

This is what Steve calls me. It's because I don't half-ass anything, not even my declarations that "This is the best weekend, EVER!!!!!"

Apparently I say this almost every weekend. But this weekend it really was true. Now (boo), this is the worst Tuesday, ever.... Steve and the girls left for Texas today (which, haha on me, is actually cooler temp-wise than it is in Illinois right now) so I'm in my basement, writing about the girls and catching up on my printing.

Say what you will, an empty house is good for getting some quality printing done.

But, here's some pictures from the weekend, the best weekend EVER!

There was a dance party, USA style!

We went to the pool.

And you probably can't tell from this picture, but Carolyn just finished going down the red slide. I"ll call it suicide slide. It drops you straight down so it feels like you're free falling. I rode it once, and that was enough thank you very much.
Carolyn climbed a tree!

And Charlie got stuck in a tree.

And let's not forget the All-American sport of sibling T-ball!

So, obviously, you can see where I get this Best Weekend Ever stuff.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Best day (ever?) in a super long time

I had all these plans to get caught up today. "Caught up" meaning getting a bunch of projects done today that are due 12 weeks from now. But I'm no fool. By now, I know that eight weeks from now, there will be no time for extra stuff, even if extra is mandatory.

But still, when I left for my clinical hours at a daycare center today, fully intending to spend the rest of the day at the library, I realized something. I realized Penny needed me to be home. She NEEDED it. So I made the decision to get the girls before noon, make lunch and just spend the day at home.

What a great decision. I am literally patting myself on the back while I type this. I'm that good.

Anyway, I made lunch. Spider Man mac and cheese. A big hit. Penny slept for a marathon 2 1/2 hour session (told you she needed it) while I finished up my homework and Carolyn spent some quality time with her DS.

Then the fun started. I got to spoil my girls in a way I usually don't get to do. I let them chase down the ice cream truck. I played mermaid at the pool. I promised them some Silly Bandz from Walgreens tomorrow (it was only a matter of time before they learned about the lure of silly bandz). I downloaded my first Miley Cyrus song on iTunes, not to mention a couple of songs to satiate the girls' Black Eyed Peas appetite. We watched Carolyn play t-ball, including a very well-intentioned try at first base. Go Green Bugs!!!

So it was a good day. A very good day.