Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Is cabin fever deadly?

For most of us, probably not. For me? Not really. But I do seem to get an awful case every year.

So there's still eight inches of snow on the ground. So the sidewalks are impassable. So I have to walk in the street with minivans whipping past me.

These are small setbacks for a little playground time. Ahhhh. The playground.

We went three times in two days. And you know what? They loved every minute of it.

And today, we got a few looks that seemed to say, "Somebody take these kids away from this woman. She's obviously an unfit parent or these kids wouldn't be coated in mud."

Hey. It's snow, not battery acid. So they got a little dirty. So I had to carry Penelope through the deep parts. It was 45 degrees outside and I was going to the playground.


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Anonymous said...

you are SOOO lucky to have snow there!!!I envy u!!!and penny seems to love it...btw,my lil sis says hi to penny and carolyn..keep blogging!