Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar fun

So I'm sitting here, alone, watching the Oscars. Actually, I'm mostly reading Oscar fug from the girls at Go Fug Yourself. Anyhow, it's mostly boring. When Jennifer Hudson of American Idol fame won for best supporting actress, I expected her to come out and say, "Holy crap. Did I just kiss George Clooney? My life rocks." But instead we got a teary, "Thank you God" speech that made me think maybe that cute girl from "Little Miss Sunshine" should have won.

Whatever. I've got no husband home. No pizza. What kind of Oscar night is this anyway? Steve was called into work because the computers went down for an hour earlier tonight. Seriously. Do these people work at a newspaper or what?

Enough bitter Chris. Life here in Normal has been pretty boring lately. I've been working a lot this last week on this little topic — prom. I don't even remember prom other than I wore a really uninteresting dress. You should see the gorgeous dresses the girls are wearing today. Bright colors. Beaded and jeweled. Lots of poof.

Oh wait. "The Inconvenient Truth" just won. Finally. Something great just happened.

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