Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Sunday to remember

So it happened. All at once, everyone in my family came down with a sickness that sometimes leaves you with the thought, "I've had a good run. Maybe it's just my time to go. And besides, at least I would no longer suffer the indignity of sleeping on the bathroom floor with the rest of my helplessly sick family."

Truth is, I got the lightest version of this killer bug. Steve was by far the worst with Carolyn crawling right behind him. We thought maybe Penelope avoided this until about an hour ago and, yep, she was right along with us.

I have to blame Steve for this one. The newspaper held the first KidsExpo, which was totally genius because it's too cold outside to do anything else. They had these big blowup machines with ladders and slides and such. Carolyn loved them and Steve, poor poor Steve, volunteered to help for several hours, which explains the hierarchy of illness.

Wish us luck. Pray for us. Whatever, but please don't talk about food for a few weeks.

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