Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What incompetence feels like

Today started out fine enough. We got up. Had breakfast. Drank juice.

You know, all your basics.

Then I decided we'd go to the Bloomington library for some new books and videos, and so Carolyn could go to her first story hour. Steve would drive us there and we'd take the bus back.

This is where the plan fell apart.

First. I told Steve I thought we should all go to lunch together. But a few minutes later, I did some back pedaling. Then some more. Then some more.

Steve, and I quote: It seems like fun. Less fun now than 10 minutes ago, but still fun.

After talking him out of lunch, he dropped us off. The library was fine. Carolyn didn't do awesome at story time (3-5 year olds without parents), but there was no screaming.

I got the wrong DVD. The wrong VHS. The wrong CD.

Still fine.

Then, I went to check out and realized I not only forgot my library card, but my ID. Super.

Thankfully because of my constant late books, lost books and runaway children — all favorites with the library crowd — the librarian remembers me. She let this one slide.

Then we left we walk around downtown. Trouble is, a thunderstorm spitting ice pellets was upon us. By the time we got downtown, we were forced to duck into the closest coffee shop, where much to the dismay of the staff, me and my homeless-looking children decided to stay for a snack.

Steve (sound hero music, dadadadaaaa) comes to rescue us because my missing ID fiasco meant we missed our bus by a few minutes and would have to wait an hour for the next.

In an ice storm. With thunder. And hungry children.

As a side note, we later went for a walk around the block. I suggest to the mother of every 3-year-old in America, buy a pair of rain boots. They rock. Carolyn loves them (always ready to leave the house with rain boots). We looked at several stores before finding her pretty purple boots at TJ Maxx.

I guess people don't buy rain boots anymore. Go figure.


Sharan said...

bad day eh??!!but u seemt o make ur bad days sound like fun..atleast to the reader!(oops :D)carolyn likes rain boots??cho chweet!!what abt Penny??or are her cute lil feet still too tiny to get into boots??people here love rains..I hope its like that there as well!
I watched the Oscars too...yeah well, they counted here in the newspapers that Jennifer Hudson said "God" 5 times in her speech...(shaking head,grinning!) mental, yeah.

Helen Mirren rocks.Period.

ps-dont give up on this blog.ill see the other one 2 but please please dont stop blogging on this one!!

Sharan said...

I saw ur other blog..its nice but I somehow like this one better!no idea why ;D

marilyn said...

I love rain boots too. You can just pull them on, your feet are dry and if you walk in too much mud you can wipe them off. and purple is so cool.

iwanagain said...

I wish the store had rain boots in Penelope's size. Like I said, it was lucky they had some for Carolyn. There were only two pairs!! I guess people don't like rain so much, which is too bad. Actually, I'm not sure most Americans are all that fond of being outside. Anyhow, Penny's going around splashing in her regular shoes, which is a wet business but if she doesn't care, neither do I. Carolyn, being very neat-minded, would go mad.

Heather said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

I'm adding yours to my reading list!

My kids love rain boots too. I think I got theirs at Target last year, but Wal-Mart has them too. Some of our best times have been after a rain, throwing on the raincoats and boots and some old sweatpants and walking and splashing in the puddles.